Dair To…

This programme, run by DanceXchange and spearheaded by five ‘Dance Artists in Residence’ (DAiRs), engaged young people in dance experiences that would otherwise not have been available or accessible to them. The project raised youngsters’ confidence levels by way of responsive and creative educational work, enticed new audiences into theatres, combated the isolation of local dance artists, and helped to establish a thriving dance infrastructure across the five designated areas of the West Midlands.

The Tour was the culmination of the project and involved the DAiRs touring the region doing dance workshops, many of which led to young people performing in some of the most prestigious venues in the West Midlands. In addition, the DAiRs performed a specially commissioned piece, ‘Thank You and Goodnight’ at each venue.

The DVD features footage of workshops, interviews with participants and the DAiRs themselves, as well as the full performance of ‘Thank You and Goodnight’ at the Patrick Centre, Birmingham.

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