Library Champions

Library Champions 2006/07 from Rachel Gillies on Vimeo.

Over the course of a year Rachel attended numerous sessions across the five libraries in the Yardley area in order to document the progression of the 160 ‘Library Champions’, recruited to champion the library to friends and family. The year five pupils were invited to attend a series of sessions, including an introductory session, a book buying session and a further session cataloging the books they had bought. In addition, many Library Champions attended parties, family events and workshops with poets, illustrators and storytellers.

Rachel worked closely with pupils and their parents to ensure that their wonderful success stories were documented and heard by people shaping the future of library services who would otherwise not see the results of the scheme. The film was featured on the BBC Birmingham website. Read We’re Champions!

As part of this film project Rachel produced two additional films, specific to South Yardley and Sheldon Libraries.

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