Postcards from the Plot

So many of us are seeking ways to connect with others and with nature in the midst of lockdown. We are appreciating the power of art, culture and creativity in providing solace and hope. So it has been an absolute pleasure to take this into my work through supporting Boundary Way Project in their new project inspired by Boundary Way Allotments, Postcards from the Plot.

‘Postcards from the Plot’ is a creative project that explores the meaning and importance of allotments today through activities, workshops and inspiring stories from growers in Wolverhampton and beyond.

The project explores allotments as a place for creative inspiration and a resource for artists, their role in sustainable food production and as places to connect with other people and with the natural world.

I have been assisting Artists in creating short instructional films on how to use natural materials to get creative. They feature botanical inks, printmaking, anthotypes, herbal remedies and a delicious curry.

I was also invited to collaborate with ‘Poets, Prattlers and Pandemonialists‘, AKA Black Country poets Emma Purshouse, Dave Pitt and Steve Pottinger, to illustrate three poems inspired by Boundary Way Allotments. They are beautiful reflections on the space, the changing seasons and our relationship with nature’s cycles and challenges.

A huge thank you to Moya Lloyd for her vision in devising this project and pulling together an application in the middle of lockdown. I spent my first day filming outside of my own four walls post-lockdown with her and Holly Pleydell on the plot where both they and plotholders made me feel completely welcome. What a great community.

This project is made possible through Emergency funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, thanks to National Lottery Players.