I said a little prayer… by Melissa Howitt

I prayed , then I arrived. In 2012 I walked into saheli women’s hub looking for a work opportunity , I found much more than just a job.

My name is Melissa Howitt. My present job role is a health and fitness advisor .I am a proud member of the saheli family.The role is fairly vast and gives me great opportunity to meet some amazing people ,and to develop well needed skills.

How I arrived ?

I recall feeling out of my comfort zone but grounded by my faith as I opened the door and walked in.I was greeted by a beautiful , soft speaking ,woman who welcomed me into my new safe space. That woman’s name is Shebina Gill the hub-manager. That’s when I unfolded and began to grow .

Family first …

I have been blessed to meet some amazing co – workers who I now call my saheli family . I appreciate the support and patience they have had with me over the years .It has been a winding road , trying to find A work life balance and sometimes losing the battle and having to press pause and then reset. Without the empathy , encouragement & support from my mentor (shebina Gill ) I have to say I probably would not have been able to come this far .Thank you my saheli family.

How far have I come ?

I can honestly say my knowledge in my chosen field has increased. I am more confident and assertive . I am a happier and more positive women.I have been massively inspired by many of the people I work with. I look forward to taking on new challenges and embracing new adventures.

Melissa Howitt

Health and fitness advisor @ saheli hub