Saheli, a place of growth – By Elisangela Melo Liani

Me and my family, we arrived in this country on June 26, 2006. I didn’t know, but this same day Saheli was born too! I believe in God and I believe that He controls all things. I also believe that all things work together for the good of those who love God. So I really like the idea that Saheli was God’s plan to bless many lives, including mine and my family.

I was studying at South Birmingham college and the Saheli Gymn was next door. I went there to visit and met Shebina. I’ll never forget this day. A strong woman, firm personality and a deep look so significant to me. I am a person who pays more attention to body expressions than what the person is talking about. So this day was recorded.

I took my curriculum to her, I believe in 2013, but I never came back. The desire to belong to that organization was immense, but the fear of not succeeding due to my English and insecurity I ended up giving up.

In the meantime I took a personal trainer course to improve my English in the area since I had a degree in the physical education course as well. The teachers analyzed the history of my university and then decided to put me right on level 3 of the personal trainer course and then I would have to pass the tests on a higher level, without having attended level 1 and 2. I did very well in all classes. tests and presentations. It was a huge challenge, especially to understand what people were saying. Everyone spoke very quickly. However, the language within my area of ​​study motivated me a lot. I did 100% in the field of nutrition and even won a voucher from my teacher. It was a very pleasant time.

My degree was recognized by NARIC and then I felt more confident about looking for Shebina again. To my surprise she said “I looked for you!”. I felt important and I also realized the value of that person who could see so much in myself without knowing me.

It is not for nothing that Saheli grows. Behind a successful venture is a human leader, full of love and empathy for people. I strongly believe in Saheli’s methodology, as an institution that makes people recover their value and continue to seek dignity, taking care of themselves first so that they can also take care of others.

Saheli helps you to find yourself as a unique and important person who, as well as giving you opportunities to care for others, empowering you through courses and experiences with each other.

I believe that in late 2014 I met Shebina again. She promptly welcomed me and we tried to get to know each other. It gave me opportunities and even full of insecurity for doing something so essential to society, so it needs to be done well, even so I was walking and little by little everything fell into place.

The girls who already worked with Shebina encouraged each other and this favored an environment where I was able to talk about my fears and ask for help when necessary. I am extremely grateful to God and to this beautiful Saheli team.

I also met Naseem. A hurricane woman who arrived in our midst full of important information for the growth of the team. I did not understand almost anything she said, why she spoke fast … she is in a hurry to grow up and pass on information!! I identified myself too much with her because I am, I speak Portuguese very quickly and I want to enjoy every second of my life and I am in a hurry to help and see people healthy, happy and fulfilled. Shebina and Naseem give two women of fiber, warriors, unstoppable and tireless!! People’s health motivates them and that is commendable, beautiful and inspiring to me.

I have some dreams in my head regarding Saheli. I feel I can be useful and help in the expansion of this beautiful project! I could start with the Portuguese-speaking community, it would be an immense pleasure.

Working at Saheli is a challenge and this is essential in the life of a professional! We need to be in constant growth and working at Saheli I feel that I am improving all the time. The environment of mutual respect and professionalism makes the plans become reality more easily and new goals can be set. Saheli has a beautiful team of women full of love to give and love involves giving much more than just being a professional but being human and seeing others as yourself!

Working in Saheli, I was able to explore the gifts in me and develop their teaching. I could see that some things that I didn’t value so much could make someone smile and relax. This is fantastic!!

From organizing the workplace to making a presentation of physiology in English (how could I ever imagine that in my life !!!) I did it with pleasure! I worked on the computer, made surveys, physical assessment, taught physical activity classes, taught crochet and knitting, did face painting at various events, stimulated and helped people play volleyball, talking arts with different themes and now for the last zoom sessions! What a wealth of learning Saheli provides me. I just have to thank you! I have a lot to say about this place so important to society! Saheli!