The bi (rmingham)g Transition – Ambreen Majid

May 2017
I felt nervous but excited talking about it ( The big move) Embracing on a new adventure, a new chapter of our lives. Of course I’ve lived in London all my life and the thought of moving to a whole new city was daunting but everything has a first time. I guess…

June 2017
We started talking about it with our daughters, However it was just an idea and I never thought my dreams would turn into a reality. I wanted to try something different, something new. Of course I loved my home in London but I felt in Birmingham would be a better standard of living. The thought of moving into another home made my stomach lurch but in a good way. 

July 2017
As the days grew closer my dreams became bigger. I remember I would be sweeping the floor and instantly dream about my new house, how it would look. When I would open the pot of another flamboyant curry the waft would make me dream of cooking in my new kitchen, how beautiful the aromas would hit my nostrils. 

Aug 2017
I began to feel emotional, the thought of leaving my family, my childhood began to make me feel uneasy. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. But I had to persuade myself this is all for the best, my family, my children and my future. I was determined to make my dream a reality.

Sept 2017
So we started house hunting, I must admit I was extremely thrilled as this was my forté. At first it was hard to find my dream home, sharp, intrusive thoughts would enter my mind ‘maybe moving to Birmingham is not for us’ I would think but I stayed strong.

Oct 2017
We finally found our dream home – perfect. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was near a great school, amenities with lots of shops, a leisure centre, a park. Everything I wanted. In fact it was more than I would have wanted. Tears welled my eyes – God listened to me I thought. 

Nov 2017
A few months later after trying to get hold of multiple people we went to visit our ‘future’ house. I loved it. Words just could not describe, it was honestly like an instant connection and as I stood by the beautiful bannister I dreamed about me unboxing my accessories, decorating the rooms with my finest furniture. ‘Maybe this is for us’ I declared.This was final. We were moving to Birmingham.

Dec 2017
As I arrived home multiple boxes started filling our hallway, our living room and our bedrooms. It all started to feel a lot more real, a lot more believable. I was happy. Me and my daughters frantically started packing as time was approaching, fast.

Jan 2018
In early 2018 me and my young daughters moved to my mums house as we had already sold our London home. I didn’t realise how quickly things would happen but I knew it was all for the best. My husband and I decided it’s best if the girls finished their school till July, then we would moved. My parents accommodated me in their home, which I was truly blessed by. Finally the day come when all our furniture was being loaded in a lorry, my life, my memories were being shifted away hundreds of miles away. I was sad and very teary, holding my head high putting a stone to my heart I helped with the loading. Looking around each room, hearing echos of my girl’s running, giggling, laughing and screaming. That’s when reality hit me hard… I’m leaving my lovely home, leaving all those cherished memories I had behind the walls of this house. Everything was packed I took one last glance with a tear rolling down my cheek. My mum was with me I had a good cry….. we left. As I sat in my car I took one last glance at my brown door. As the lorry left We said our byes to my husband he shifted to Birmingham to sort everything out, all our furniture was put into storage in Birmingham, He was staying in a b&b. There were so many people in process of buying, so our chain was very long, Lots of paper work was involved.

Aug 2018 
Finally we received the keys on the 12th Aug….. Our Birmingham home was beautiful in fact breathtaking. Finally in August 2018 we moved in. It felt incredibly surreal – it didn’t feel real but unusual, weird and strange (in the best way). Finally our furniture started rolling in, I was so excited I couldn’t wait to set my house up. The girls chose their rooms and were happy with them. Unpacking everything it felt I was unpacking my life story again. Every item had a memory. It took a while to set up as I took my time. 

Sept 2018
Finally my home was set, we had already applied for schools. My youngest daughter started school in the begging of sept and the eldest end of sept. Once the girls were settled, I had time to reflect upon everything.

Aug 2018

This is when reality dawned on me…….I realised I had to start making friends from scratch, I didn’t know anyone my friends meant the world to me in London. I strolled round my local park Handsworth park. I came across a building outside the building I read the sign SAHELI ACTIVITIES, reading knitting and crochet, bike riding, arts and crafts and lots more. I saw lots of women going in and out the building. I was very curious to know what it’s like in there I was hesitant at first, as I entered the building, I saw lots of activities. I was welcomed by a lovely lady called Shebina. She made me feel so comfortable, I came to the sessions every Wednesdays I really looked forward to these sessions.

Sept 2018
I was finally settling down, there were lots of tears to begin with but as time went by the girls got busy in their schooling. I was finding my feet around Birmingham. 

Oct 2018
I got to know the SAHELI team very well, I really enjoyed their company. I was then offered a position in SAHELI as a knitting and crochet instructor. That void i had in me SAHELI had filled that for me and I will never forget that. They have been there for me through thick and thin, they are a real support and are always there to support not only us but the big community we are living in. They offer lots of mental support, keeping women busy and approaching in more of a holistic approach.